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CRU GROUP Announce new Catastrophe Response Field Director

Kyle Winston, President of CRU GROUP, today announced the promotion of Jonathan Rice to Catastrophe Response Field Director.

“Jonathan joined our company in 2011 and since then he has demonstrated his outstanding capabilities in lead our company’s field work for the 4 us hurricanes in 207 and 2019.” said Mr. Winston.

Mr. Rice is a former high school teacher, and his skills and study have been invaluable to our company in developing many of our courses and course materials, including our Earthquake Adjusting Program. He has recruited and trained more than 1,100 adjusters over the last three years traveling from coast to coast across North America.

 “I am delighted to have joined CRU GROUP.” said Mr. Havens, “I look forward to working with”

“We have big plans for our CAT Division,” said Mr. Winston, “It plays a key role in the industry and. We are thrilled to have Jonathan assume an even more significant role in the company and look forward to seeing what he can do!”