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CRU GROUP Announces New Senior Executive Appointments

Gary Winston, Founder of CRU GROUP, today announced the promotions of two (2) Senior Executives. 

CRU GROUP is pleased to announce the appointment of Kyle Winston as the new Chair of the Company and David Repinski as the new Chief Executive Officer effective immediately. 

Kyle Winston is one of the Company’s founding Board Members and worked in partnership with his father, Gary Winston, for a number of years before assuming the role of President of CRU GROUP in 2008.  Kyle led the expansion of the firm from a small Canadian catastrophe claims adjusting company to a robust North American organization which includes a strong Canadian claims company, a market-leading specialty claims company – Maltman International, a rapidly expanding catastrophe and daily claims company – CRU USA, as well as AIA Centers, an industry training company. As the ‘lighthouse keeper’ Kyle’s drive and vision has enabled CRU GROUP to achieve continuous growth and success across North America.

David Repinski joined CRU GROUP in 2019 as the first CEO of the Company’s U.S. Business.  During his extensive career, Mr. Repinski served as Global Development Officer at Sedgewick and prior to Sedgewick’s acquisition of Cunningham Lindsey, he served as CEO – Americas. Mr. Repinski’s legendary work ethic and disciplined commitment to ‘client first’ has continued with CRU GROUP and he will now be in a position to leverage his extensive experience in the claims adjusting industry to help CRU GROUP execute on its ambitious plan for substantial growth and sustained profitability across North America.

“Looking back now, I couldn’t be prouder of what we have achieved and how our vision for a customer-focused North American claims adjusting company has proven out over the last decade,” says Gary Winston, “While I have no intention of ever really slowing down, I recognize it is time to ensure the next generation of leadership is firmly in the saddle at CRU GROUP and Kyle and David are just the right combination to take our organization to the next level.”

Says Kyle Winston, “I have worked closely with David Repinski since the day he joined our organization back in 2019 and I have only the greatest respect for his integrity, his team focus and his customer-driven approach to claims management.  I am convinced that the new organizational structure positions us really well to drive the next stages of our Company’s ambitious expansion plans.”

David Repinski commented, “These leadership changes came as a direct result of the CRU GROUP Board’s strategic planning process.  We believe that we already have a strong position across North America but with great potential for even more rapid growth in both our daily and catastrophe response claims capabilities as well as expansion in other specialty areas such as Transportation and Loss Control Services.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Kyle and the rest of the amazing CRU GROUP team to move forward with our growth objectives and achieve our ambitious milestones.”

Founder Gary Winston added, “We have come a long way since we started, but really, I think we are only just beginning.  I can’t wait to see where Kyle and David take CRU GROUP over the years ahead. The sky is the limit!”

Mr. Repinski will continue to work from the U.S. Head Office in Dallas, Texas and Mr. Winston will maintain his office at the Canadian Head Office in Toronto, Ontario.