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CRU GROUP Announces New TExas Office

David Repinski, CEO of CRU USA, today announced the relocation of the Dallas, Texas office. The new location will benefit CRU GROUP’s growing list of major clients in Texas by providing the team with a new headquarters in Dallas, alongside their Florida office for the Group’s Catastrophe Operations across the USA.

“We are very excited about our new office here in Dallas,” said Mr. Repinski, “The new space complements our growth and with an expanding management structure and a fast-growing and amazing team, we will continue to deliver great value and services to local insurers and insurers across the USA”.

As Paula Holladay, USA Operations Manager, explains, “In addition to functioning as the Texas home base for Catastrophe Operations, the new office will also accommodate examiners and a liability unit, a large training center for the Academy of Insurance Adjusting as well as a call center with FNOL capabilities.

Said Kyle Winston, President and CEO of CRU GROUP, “Building on what we have already accomplished in Texas, the new Dallas office will increase our ability to provide key deliverables to our major accounts.  We anticipate new ventures and are enthusiastic about how our new USA CEO, David Repinski, and the team will expand our relationships with other insurers within the state and throughout the USA from our new Dallas location.”