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CRU GROUP Environmental Team Donates PPE to help hospitals in Southeast Florida

Faced with pending protective equipment shortages, CRU GROUP today donated their stockpile of hazardous PPE for use by the hospitals in south Florida. In addition to cases of gloves and masks, CRU GROUP provided hundreds of HazMat suits that were stored for their catastrophe adjusters to use in an environmental claim response. “We recognized that these items were of far more value to the health care professionals on the front line, and that we can refill our supply after enough have been manufactured, to protect people in need today” says David Repinski, U.S. CEO of CRU GROUP, “Listening to the needs of the local and global communities, we are doing our best to do what we can in this crisis. We hope we can inspire more to do the same.”

The rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic has changed our daily lives and there is a great deal of uncertainty. CRU GROUP committed to protecting the health and well-being of our colleagues, contractors, clients and their customers across the U.S. and Canada.  

CRU GROUP maintains Business Continuity and Recovery Plans to ensure that we can provide uninterrupted service to our clients. We have taken additional actions to ensure our entire organization is available to continue to provide our services in the safest way possible.  

We understand that the current health environment is concerning for many, and we extend our sincere support to all of those who have been affected.      

Let’s work together to stay healthy and safe.