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New Year, New opportunities

According to ZipRecruiter, “There are many jobs available for a claims adjuster with no experience. Most companies use entry-level claims adjuster positions as a training period to help you learn more about insurance, the claims process, and how to research events and determine whether or not to adjust the payout for any damage sustained.”

For those that do not know, adjusting claims means helping people in difficult situations. A career as an independent adjuster can be physically and mentally challenging, however, the rewards are boundless.

An entry-level claims adjuster must be able to work independently, understand and interpret complex legal policies with excellent communication and organizational skills. Although this sounds intimidating the great thing is, these skills can be obtained from your previous jobs, education or even hobbies.

First and foremost, PROPER TRAINING is needed! 100% of the time, when adjusters are properly trained, they can increase the number of claims they can close. Closing claims means making more money! While it’s perfectly normal for beginners to close a low number of claims when first breaking into this industry, with proper training, these numbers will exponentially increase. When properly trained, closed claim numbers will increase from 1 to 3, 3 to 5, 5 to 10+ claims in a day. Remember, you get paid when you close claims, so if you’re closing that many claims, your paycheck will thank you in commas and added zeros.

We are not a big fan of taking shortcuts, however we see many adjusters who feel they can “learn on the fly” or “on the clock” to get around proper training. The amount of time it will take to re-do your work (repeatedly!) will affect your mindset, your reputation and your paycheck! Client SLA’s need to be met with claims returned in a timely manner – PLEASE DO NOT BE ONE OF THOSE ADJUSTERS!

Invest in proper training, master the basics, become proficient in Xactimate and Symbility, and you will see your paycheck grow.

Our next tip is IMPLEMENT A SYSTEM AROUND YOUR WORK. When we say “implement” we’re referring to a way to approach your work. When handling claims, paying great attention to detail is extremely important. Once again, closing the claim means completing all of the necessary steps in the correct order to receive payment. Ensuring you stay organized and implement a method with handling claims will prevent you from losing time correcting mistakes or missed tasks. Time is money! You don’t want to find yourself on the shorter end of the stick.

Last tip is all about your MINDSET. Having the right mindset will take you very far in this industry. Life as an adjuster is hardly ever sunshine and rainbows. You’re traveling to weather worsening areas, with possibly no electricity or service aid (food, gas stations, lodging). Under these circumstances, it’s very easy to become stressed, overwhelmed, and want to leave. Remembering why you joined this industry – helping those distressed as well as that possible payout/paycheck is the best things towards overcoming this!

If you’re new to being an adjuster and like the tips in this blog, please visit our training website ( for more added training to get you to your adjusting goals.