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Transportation Services

Transportation Assignments can be in any and all States/Provinces, these usually need immediate response and scene Investigation. They include all aspects including, Physical Damage, Scene Investigation, Cargo inspection, trans loading and salvage, Environmental cleanup and third-party liability. Great for adjusters with Auto and Auto Accident Scene Investigation experience! Both desk and field adjusters are welcomed to be a part of this opportunity.

Pay Rate and Workable Hours

Rates will depend on the particular client, on average its between $85 -$150 per hour on a time and expense basis. We normally charge $1 per km. This is a 24/7 365 on call, truckers never stop moving.

Trainings that coincide with opportunity

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How soon someone can expect to receive claims following completed any required training:

As soon as initial training course is completed, adjuster will just have to wait to start receiving claims.