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CRU GROUP’S Environmental Claims Team Now OSHA HAZWOPER Certified

Jim Back, Director of CRU GROUP’s Environmental Division, today announced that CRU’s 350+ Environmental Certified Adjusters have begun to obtain their 40 Hour OSHA HAZWOPER License, in addition to the two-day course they have already completed to be a part of this exciting new division of CRU!

Reaching far outside normal insurance boundaries, this certification is awarded after an intense Environmental Adjusting course and then the HAZWOPER course teaches hazardous waste operations, emergency response, confined space entry, hazardous communication, material handling, gases, radiation and much more.

“We are now in a position to meet and exceed all needs for an environmental disaster. Our growing team is prepared to take on chemical, oil or pipeline events or other hazardous material spills and quickly address a client’s needs. ” said Mr. Back “ We not only teach our adjusters all protective measures but our Environmental Adjusters are also well-trained in handling Bodily Injury, Business Interruption, ALE, Lost Wage and any other claim type they may encounter while handling a TPA Pollution Liability event.” 

“Environmental disasters and hazardous spills are now ranked as the second biggest threat to communities after wildfires.” said Kyle Winston CRU GROUP CEO and President “Similar to earthquakes, wildfires and recent CAT events of wind, hail and water; our company continues to develop first class, quick response teams to help insurance companies address key support needs before an event tests everyone.”

With operations across Canada and the United States, the CRU GROUP continues to find the solutions to meet the industry’s changing needs. As one of the first companies to incorporate SLAs and cycle time metrics (2010), CRU now offers the next generation of adjusting with Claims Insight, Task Inspection and certified Inside Adjusting support for any spike in claims volume. 

 “With CRU Claim Services providing daily claims handling, Maltmans providing complex and specialty claims handling as well as its TPA role, Academy of Insurance Adjusting providing a wide variety of teaching and training and our top performing Catastrophe Response Unit, our company has grown to offer a great value to our partner carriers.” said Mr. Winston.