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Experience in Medical Cannabis Claims an Essential Ingredient for Success in Cannabis Claims Management Post-Legalization – Expert Warns

Responding to recent publicity regarding claims adjusting organizations touting their newly established cannabis claims management teams, Stephen Black, Assistant Director of Professional Liability at Maltman International warns – “In the rush to full legalization, it is important not to forget that medical cannabis has been legal for more than 15 years and there have already been important liability, class action and business interruption claims litigated and effectively managed to resolution.” 

“Those who already possess deep experience in handling the unique forms of product liability claims cannabis can present will have a head start in tackling the complex and specialized claims sure to be generated by public companies manufacturing legal cannabis products in the form of fresh and dried flower, oils and capsules, seeds, plants, leaves and the soon to be legalized edibles.” said Mr. Black.

“Maltman’s core competence is in specialty adjusting. We know that it requires professionals with a specific skill set and true dedication to their craft.” said Mr. Singh – Assistant Director, Maltman International, “Stephen is just one of the seasoned experts on our team – a team that has already been managing complex claims including cannabis for years.  We are more than ready to handle the brave new world of legal cannabis in Canada and help our clients manage the inevitable claims that will result.”