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Maltman International/CRU GROUP invited to represent U.S. and Canada by Context International

Kyle Winston, President of CRU GROUP, today announced that CRU GROUP and its subsidiary, Maltman International have been invited to join the Context International Loss Adjusting Network as its U.S. and Canadian members.

In this global economy, many insurers, brokers and corporates have the need for trusted and reliable cross-border loss adjusting needs.  In providing specialized expertise, through their Maltman International subsidiary, CRU GROUP upholds the Context International standard of ‘providing tailor-made loss adjusting solutions to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.’

The Chairman of the Board of Directors for CRU GROUP, Gary Winston, states, “We are extremely delighted and excited at the opportunity to be a member of Context International. Our inclusion in the network emphasizes the high quality Claims Management Services and the fact that our efforts are now being recognized at a global level confirms how far CRU GROUP and Maltman have come in the last 15-20 years.”

David Repinski, the US CEO of CRU GROUP commented, “We are proud to have been invited to be part of this network providing high-end and specialty loss adjusting services across 45-countries. We take seriously the opportunity to service our fellow members and their clients. We take comfort in being part of a like-minded, skilled network that affords the same level of care to our clients.”

The Co-Founder of Context International, Gerard Böttcher adds, “We try to develop our international network with partners who not only share our ambition to deliver the best professional service to our clients, but who also have a commitment to their business that is fueled by pleasure and pride in what they are doing. This is exactly what we found in the management team of CRU GROUP and their daughter company Maltman International. I am convinced that CRU GROUP will be of great value in delivering what our clients expect from us.”

Kyle Winston further states, “It’s a wonderful opportunity to be an invited member of this global network.  It truly is a testament that CRU GROUP had achieved a higher-ranking level of distinction with our name being synonymous with Context International’s superior quality for all levels of adjusting.” Mr. Winston concludes, “The honour of representing Context International will allow us to not only increase our service offerings to our insurer partners across the U.S. and Canada, but also offer newer and better services within our market and around the world.”